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Seattle. A billion pictures could never contain or explain the way it’s burned into my memory.

Memory is a funny thing. I love the way it’s tied to different senses, and can be relived with such sharp reality. Taking off from Sydney airport
at night watching my city become tiny bokeh dots, standing in the highest building above Seattle and seeing hundreds of people wander the
streets below, sitting in a coffee shop feeling the wonderful burn of tears as Kayla shared her story of grace, the taste of Joel’s homemade
pasta and the dazzling laughter of Tayla even when nothing funny is happening. And I’ll never forget the smell of the wind rushing through
thousands of pine trees. When I see the photos of the evergreens my mind runs wild with millions of tiny moments I had as I walked through them. 

Each day I learnt to slow down and pursue the simple, underrated ability to live in the moment. Life doesn’t consist of what should have
happened, what might have happened, or what hopefully will happen. Life is what is happening, right now. The only moment we can actually
live is in this moment. I want to do this because God is present and active; He isn’t just a memory from the past or a promise for the future;
He’s a real time, present day God, intimately involved in every detail of our lives. He helped me keep my eyes open every day to all of the little
gifts He gave me as I explored Washington State. To be all there, wherever I was.

These images are for memory, for legacy. They were never taken to hang in a gallery, but when I look at these in a week, a month, or
ten years from now, I will be able to see the shadows of moments that have radically changed who I am and how I see the world. I hope my
images to invite you into moments; moments of wonder and awe and beauty. 

athena-grace-seattle-photographer-50 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-55athena-grace-seattle-photographer-53 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-54 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-60 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-61 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-62 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-63 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-64 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-47 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-48 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-49 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-51 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-52 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-capitol-hill athena-grace-seattle-photographer-coffee

athena-grace-seattle-photographer-golden-hour athena-grace-seattle-photographer-70 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-72 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-73athena-grace-seattle-photographer-77 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-74 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-75 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-71 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-1 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-2 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-4 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-7 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-8 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-3athena-grace-seattle-photographer-6athena-grace-seattle-photographer-5 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-9 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-11 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-12 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-14 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-15 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-17athena-grace-seattle-photographer-19 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-20 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-21 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-22 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-lake-diablo--2 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-lake-diablo athena-grace-seattle-photographer-28 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-30 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-31 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-32 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-33 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-34 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-35 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-36 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-37athena-grace-seattle-photographer-78 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-39 athena-grace-seattle-photographer-space-needle-view athena-grace-seattle-photographer-40

I’m thankful for Socality for connecting people from around the world who have a heart for real-life relationships. I am so thankful I
met Ashley and her community of family and friends. I can’t wait for San Francisco and the Socality Live conference in San Diego.