“I never think about a shoot before I do it. Because there's no formula for people. What I try to do is strip everything away rather than go in with preconceived notions. If I do, I might miss a gem or a jewel that the person is offering me.” Platon

I’m not about staging photos. I’m not even about being merely a documentary photographer. Whilst there is always a time to stand back and capture everything unfolding, I love getting the spontaneous, the quirky, the intimate moments.

The most important artistic design I make is how to draw people into moments I KNOW are already in them. Obviously, capturing it requires skill, which I’ve developed over years, but it’s the spaciousness of heart that makes what I do absolutely thrilling to me.

When I’m with a couple, especially couples I have just met, I don’t worry about how to crack jokes or what to say to make them feel ‘intimate.’ YOU have seen the greatness in each other I will never see, even if I’m your closest friend. You have seen them at their most vulnerable, and in their moments of greatest victory.

YOU are the artists who bring out the moments of beauty in each other.

My role is to create a space for that art to happen, and to capture it.

Throughout the shoot, whatever form it takes, I intentionally use every minute to create space for real moments of intimacy, vulnerability, reckless joy and wild laughter to come out. I use personal history and memories to make the time together guaranteed to make ‘stories’ for life.

Then, when you look back at the photos, they become windows into those stories to tell. They take you back to the way it smelt, felt, the sounds you could hear, the way they looked that day.

 Sometimes the ordinary moments are the most beautiful of all. 

They are what make up your history, your legacy.

When it comes to a legacy, visual story telling will never go out of style. I remember how captivated I was by my parents wedding photos as a child, and even now the way I love seeing photos from their lives before me. We’re created for something larger, for a legacy bigger than ourselves, and photos become treasured windows into who people are. What they loved, how they lived. One photo can hold the weight of a thousand glances of intimacy and a million minutes of affection.

After a wedding day, photos are the one tangible thing that come with you (besides a piece of cake). I believe when choosing a wedding photographer, a couple should really consider how much they value their wedding photos, and how to arrange their budget in light of that. For me, I knew that every cent we spent on wedding photography was worth it; something we can put on our walls, show our children and grandchildren, revisit in sixty years and remember where our love story began.

Your photos will live on long after the vivid memories of the day fades. For most couples, the wedding day goes by fast, and a lot of moments are missed because you simply can’t be in multiple places at once.

And the beautiful thing is that they become more than just photos - they’re words of art, and a record of one of the most important days in your life. It’s an enormous thing to trust someone with, and as a photographer, it is one of my greatest privileges.