Illustration by The Wells Makery

We are Athena and Camron; the Australian photographer that fell in love with the American videographer.

We are artisan soul’s; our DNA declares it. We were created for it, called into the dynamic co-creation of the cosmos (Jon Foreman), echoing God’s creativity and finding our true humanity. We absolutely LOVE creating and finding new ways to tell stories.

We are photographers and shoot almost everything together, from weddings to brands and families. We find it beautifully effective to bring our combine strengths to a shoot – my ability to design moments, creatively directing space for moments of intimacy and vulnerability to happen; and Camron’s story telling genius, grown through videography.

We are adventurers at heart, and our story testifies to it! Though I’m from Sydney and he’s from Salem, OR, we met in San Diego and eventually planted ourselves in Seattle, WA. We’ve seen some pretty crazy things since we met – hiked glaciers in Alaska, road tripped 3,000 miles across WA, OR, NV and CA in a broken car, and systematically drank our way through Seattle’s coffee supply. Between us, since we met we’ve been to Alaska, Canada, the entire West Coast, NYC, England, Northern Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. We love traveling, not because it’s an exotic thrill or looks good on our feeds – it has been a gorgeous window into global communities of people, a stunning glimpse into what God is doing around the world, and a platform to create life-long friendships.

We are professional lovers of people; we LOVE meeting new people and pouring ourselves into community that becomes family. We’re unbelievably thankful that our job means we get to hang out with babies and make jokes with the beautifully aged; capture love stories of the young and the legacy of decade-long marriages.

We are coffee connoisseur’s (well I’m not, Camron is), and you’ll find us at the kind of cafe each city has – you know, the one that’s an open window into the culture of the town, the one with lots of light and local greenery, the ones without wifi so we can gaze into each others eyes (not really – we get more editing done without access to emailing or Instagram… can I get an amen to that?).

We are up for anything, so shoot us an email with any crazy idea you have!

Photos by Landon & Loren